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Galver Srl started its activity in the industrial painting sector from 1999 as Augusta Westland supplier, tasked with painting helicopter parts and segments.
Helicopter parts and segments painting

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From the experience gained over the years and the in-depth knowledge of the details, arises the approach to the painting activity as a special process governed by predefined times and checks.

The company is able to develop, through the experience gained and the help of its Engineering Office, painting cycles which consider all the variables of this activity, such as:


  • type of paint (resin, gloss, color);
  • dry thickness required;
  • viscosity of the paint;
  • temperature and relative humidity of application;
  • characteristics of the application method;


and to proceed with the application, offering the final customer a high quality service. The plant is equipped with two painting booths, with following dimensions: 7000 × 4500 × h 2600.


The cabins are equipped with air conditioning and abatement systems for solvents and powders generated due to the application.

The main carried out activities are listed below:


  • surface preparation by manual and/or mechanical sanding;
  • paint stripping with ecological chemical paint removers;
  • application of extrusion sealants, by brush or spatula;
  • application of polyurethane, acrylic and epoxy paints;
  • application of adhesive primer, when required, after the galvanic treatment.
Manual sanding

Static balancing of tail rotor blades


The static balancing of blades consists in a checking of their mass distribution along the opening: all rotor blades, although made with the same criteria, do not have the same mass distribution. To avoid this, with consequent influence on aeroelastic behavior, static balancing is carried out with respect to a blade taken as a reference (master blade). Galver srl performs the static balancing of the AW101 tail rotor blade specifically for Leonardo Company.

Static balancing of tail rotor blades